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Being the fan of both Colbert and Advaita, I think it fitting to promote this video. Yes, the book is on my list.

I Don't Get It...

How come the most famous people in any field (poetry? cooking? mathematics? biology? social activism? music?!) are typically guys?

It seems all too suspicious to me. Is it a biological issue? Or is it a sociocultural one? Are there other answers?

It comes after reading the following. I have beefs with each of them, but I'll post them here anyway.

1) John Tierney @ the NY Times posted this article and then this one.
2) MentorNet CEO (also a guy), David Porush, submitting a rebuttal (albeit not a very thorough one).

The Day is Done

A poem by H.W. Longfellow, to be read by the fireplace.

And the night shall be filled with music,
And the cares, that infest the day,
Shall fold their tents, like the Arabs,
And as silently steal away.

I wish!

A brick not on the wall...

I'm sure you remember the Pink Floyd song which this post's title closely resembles. I have only one request to make: please don't laugh after reading this post.

As great as I am with tunes (which is not saying much at all), I'm no good with lyrics (identifying them nor remembering them). Get to the point woman, you might say. Allright allright...I'm getting to it.

I was just humming the song in my head, and the lyrics came out thusly:

We don't need no education,
We don't need no birth-control...
{la la laa la, la la laa laa}
{la la laa laa, la la laa laaa..}

and I thought...wait a minute. Something is wrong here; and seriously. Birth-control? I understand that these people harboured antiestablishmentarian thoughts. Weren't they the enlightened people? People who could think for themselves? People who could make a choice? So what's with the birth-control?

Yes...my mind raced before my memory synapses fired, looped back, and said "we don't need no thought-control"...my mind wound down just as quickly.

The rest is this blog entry. But please, leave this kid alone.


High; flying high.

I have to post this video for my readers to enjoy. It is an interview of Philippe Petit on the Colbert Report. You'll see that Philippe Petit is *high*. Always. It is also one of the few occasions when Colbert shows raw emotion (Jane Fonda's interview was another occasion).

Here you go people...

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Philippe Petit
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorU.S. Speedskating

Long Runs, A Little Belatedly...

I had been possessed by one of those crazy urges for over a year. I wanted to run -- not a mile; or two even. A good 26.2 of it.

I finally did, last month! I took 4 hrs, 55 mins, 59 seconds to cover the distance. Here's an account of the run, no doubt a repetition for some and perhaps too late to be mentioned, for others.

Having done one...what's my verdict, you may ask. And the answer -- unless I somehow figure out a way to finish the 42 kms in 3.5 hours or less, I'm sticking to shorter distances.

I'm back to my twice-a-week 2 milers, and thoroughly enjoying it.

Twitter meets PhD comics

@my_readers - priceless!

Original here.


A Journey to the Ghats -- part III

It has been more than 6 months since my vacay and I find myself short of finishing this series (as has been the case on many occasions in the past). I have the urge to put a lid on this and hence this post.

I'm linking here the photos from Udupi and Shringeri.

The Udupi photos don't have any captions. None of them move me much, and the things that did move me (the Udupi Krishnan) wasn't available for photographing (where it is not the law, as a policy, I don't photograph the principal deities in Hindu temples). So I'll leave them to speak for themselves. There are a few that could use notes, I'll add them when I get around to it.

The photos from Shringeri however, in my opinion, are the best ones from this trip; even though they don't do justice to the vistas of the temple, the mutt, the view of the night sky from the bridge, or the bliss. The Vidyashankara temple tower is supposed to be an engineering marvel, but I don't know the details, and I'll enlighten you when I'm enlightened myself. Most of my photos are from a place situated about half a kilometer upstream from where the temple is situated. The elephant antics were a welcome bonus. :)

Well, that's the end of my trip to the ghats. Putting that lid was simple enough! Enjoy!

Fountainhead amends

I had written a scorching review of Ayn Rand when I was only halfway through Fountainhead. My perception was inevitably skewed because I hadn't finished reading the book. I feel compelled to write this entry in response to some comments I received(offline) back then.

I finished the book late last year and found that much like running, the first half of the book was the more difficult half.

Full of melodrama, I still find Dominique's character and her histrionics puzzling, but my indignation tapered significantly towards the end of the book. Everyone else (including Roark) seems more real to me. Using fewer words than Rand, let me try to sum up her message -- man is the source of all creativity, and it takes a formidable amount of integrity to be oneself. But things simply said rarely have the same import as a gripping narration embellished with dramatic descriptions and conversations, and so while one may think that what I've said is cliched, he/she may feel enlightened after reading Rand's book. And that, I think, is where Rand's mastery lies.

I still stand by all my comments in the earlier post but, with a generous dose of detachment, I believe now that one can read the book to completion and gain a new perspective on people (themselves included).


I'm done with my first half. :)

Just wanted to keep my blog readers posted as a follow up to my previous post.

I finished the half marathon in 2hrs 16mins 39seconds. I was @ position 1111 of a total of 1826 overall.

I feel proud, as I got my first medal in a long long looong time -- even though it was only of a few ducks crossing the street quacking for the event organizers. This was one of my few reasons for taking part in the race. Cheap thrills, you say? I say aye! :)

I'll put up pictures as soon as I can lay my hands on some.



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